eSpace in Ruby's Homeland

eSpace will be paying tribute to Ruby in its homeland, Japan, during Ruby Kaigi 2009 from the 17th to the 19th of July. eSpace's CTO, Muhammad Ali, will be the first Arab speaker in the annual conference that aims to bring Rubyists together for the sake of discussions and networking.

eSpace's expedition to Japan is sponsored by Egypt's Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), who also sponsored eSpace's trip to Luxembourg.  Ali will be delivering a talk entitled " NeverBlock and I/O concurrency in Ruby", which will  focus on eSpace's NeverBlock. eSpace will also be participating in the conference's lightning talks with a presentation on Arabesque, eSpace's brand new Ruby Queue. 

Here is a sneak preview on what to expect from Ali's talk:

"NeverBlock and I/O concurrency in Ruby" : Several web application back-ends offer a lot of scalability but tax you with high latencies. This can be observed in most cloud based back-ends, especially when the application is deployed off the cloud's network. In this presentation, we introduce NeverBlock, a library that utilizes light weight concurrency primitives (Fibers) to enable concurrent I/O operations in a seamless manner. We examine the performance and the resource utilization characteristics of  various types of applications before and after they NeverBlock.